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Mr. & Mrs. Tsai who lived in Dakeng Mountains by farming chickens originally.

They supported the policy of government to transform high quality agriculture to leisure farming in 1991. 

"Started with chicken."

They work the farm with a determined mind to farm best native chickens.

It is much joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone. "Sharing" is our intention, and "simple life" is what we aspire to uphold.

We have wealth of natural resources, warm hospitality, LOHAS and new concept of living slowly life.

The concept of eco-sustainable tourism rise strongly. The farm advocates conservation, innovation in recreation and development creative agricultural products and regimen cuisines.

We have incomparable love and passion, and we create a very relaxing farm environment.

It will help to enjoy your every minute and every second to meet the needs of body and soul.

Have great leisure time and be filled with happiness.

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Dakeng Leisure Farm.
No.82, Dakeng Vil., Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 712, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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