Mammy Tsai The Old-Time Delights


Handmade souvenirs by the hostess Mama Tsai.
There is no salty taste of general pickles,

There is only nostalgic sweet taste,

We did it by ancients' techniques.

and integrated with shoots according the concept of health,

Pickles can also be very fresh.

pickled bamboo shoots gift basket $360/700gx2

pickled bamboo shoots family size $200/1600g

Cummingcordia (pobuzihi) $150/700g


6 months old native hen

Cummingcordia (pobuzihi) X Taiwanese medicinal cuisine

simmered by charcoal for 2 hours

soup with sophisticated taste

Clear, sweet flavor with smoky smell

Dietary supplementation is suitable in all seasons
Steamed Chicken with Cummingcordia (pobuzihi) $700





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